The National Corridors Initiative, Inc.

James P. RePass - Chairman
Phone:  617-269-5478

MA Office: 59 Gates Street, Boston, MA. 02127
CT Office, 8 Riverbend Drive, Mystic, CT, 06355
RI Office, 35 Terminal Road, Suite 210, Providence, RI. 02905

Fax (CT): 860-536-5482

NCI Mission Statement

The National Corridors Initiative exists to support the development of infrastructure, including an integrated national transportation system that emphasizes rational transportation decisions, such as a network of intercity passenger and freight corridor rail corridors augmented by commuter rail, and served by feeder systems.

We define infrastructure to mean any entity that moves people, freight, energy, or ideas.

We believe that while any such national system must seek to be efficient and economical, economic justice and access to infrastructure are just as important as cost-effectiveness.

Therefore, we advocate that the goal of Federal, state, regional and local governments in Canada, the United States, and Mexico should be to provide infrastructure systems that serve the maximum number of people in a safe and efficient manner. These should be built and operated in such a way as to facilitate economic growth while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Rail and transit are essential parts of the rail-highway-air triad, but have been systematically neglected and under-emphasized in the United States, even as Europe and Asia have made great strides investing in, and benefiting from, ground-based transportation. We need to learn from our neighbors.

Further, High-Speed Rail, built in cooperation with privately owned freight railroads upon the existing underutilized rail network, and fed by strong regional and local transit systems, offers an economically viable and environmentally desirable complement to air and automobile travel, and as an intermodal adjunct enhances the utility of those modes, as well as providing a vital service in its own right.

NCI is a private non-profit 501(c)3 organization, non-partisan, organization. We work through conferences, seminars, meetings, speeches by our Board members, outreach to the media and to the public, Op Ed pieces written for local, regional, and national news outlets, and educational programs.

The National Corridors Initiative welcomes the participation and support of like-minded citizens, business persons, and others who share our commitment to re-building North America’s infrastructure.

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